October 13, 2022

A Visit from Fat & Sassy Goats

Here come the goats... to Cantitoe Corners.

Recently, a herd of goats from Fat & Sassy Goats, owned and operated by Jenn Balch and Donald Arrant, visited my Bedford, New York farm to forage through a small patch of woodland - naturally clearing the area of invasive plants and unruly weeds. From their trailer, the young Kiko goats trotted straight into the temporarily fenced in space and went to work - eradicating lots of the unwanted underbrush and fertilizing the soil with manure. Goats can forage on flat land, hillsides, steep slopes, and hard-to-access terrain. It was amazing to see what they could do in such a short time.

Enjoy these photos. You can also learn more about Fat & Sassy Goats on my new show, "Martha Gardens," on Roku. In this series, I'll share what it takes to keep up with more than 150 acres of gardens, pastures, and woodlands. "Martha Gardens" premieres tomorrow, Friday, October 14th, and in the first episode, I'll show you my new living maze and how I selected and planted the first specimens for this giant and fun project.