November 12, 2022

Le Bernardin Turns 50

Le Bernardin, the legendary Michelin three-star restaurant owned by my friend, Chef Eric Ripert, and his business partner, Maguy Le Coze, is 50 - what a milestone!

This week, I attended a wonderful dinner marking the special golden anniversary. The event was held at Le Bernardin's New York City location, where it has been since 1986. I fondly remember dining at the original Le Bernardin seafood restaurant after it opened in 1972 in Paris, France. And, 50-years later, it is still one of the finest dining establishments in the world. The celebratory dinner included six courses, highlighting some of Le Bernardin's most iconic dishes. We enjoyed yellowfin tuna, langoustine, halibut, monk fish, and of course two different desserts. It was an incredible party. Here's to another 50, Chef Eric and Maguy!

Enjoy these photos.