January 18, 2023

The 2023 Northeastern Poultry Congress in Springfield, Massachusetts

Whenever my schedule allows, I always try to attend the annual Northeastern Poultry Congress in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Last weekend was its 49th show. The event is held at the Eastern States Exposition Center and features more than 2500 birds, including large fowl, waterfowl, turkeys, pigeons, Guineas, and of course, a variety of wonderful breed chickens. Various breeds of poultry are exhibited and judged for ribbons and prizes. There are also informative seminars offered on different topics, and an area for vendors of good, nutritious feed, and other supplies. Attending this poultry show, and others like it across the country, is a way to see some of these fascinating birds and to build relationships with knowledgeable, passionate breeders.

Enjoy these photos.