March 4, 2023

Growing and Thriving Chicks at My Farm

This time of year is breeding season for the peafowl and geese, but I also have some very young residents at my farm that are already thriving - three baby Silkie chickens.

I love raising all kinds of chickens, but among my favorites is the Silkie. The Silkie, also known as the Silky or Chinese silk chicken, is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy, satin-like plumage. This breed is very calm and friendly. I have quite a few in my flock, and last month another three hatched right here in my incubator. They came from the 2023 Northeastern Poultry Congress - a poultry show held every year in Springfield, Massachusetts. Now, several weeks later, they're strong, alert, and will soon be ready to move into their new coop.

Here are some photos - and be sure to watch out for an entire show dedicated to hens and chicks coming up on "Martha Gardens" on the Roku Channel.