April 18, 2023

So Many Daffodils are Blooming at the Farm

Brightly colored daffodils are blooming at my farm. It's quite a sight to see - all the swaths of white, yellow, and orange Narcissi gently blowing in the spring breeze.

I started developing my long daffodil border in 2003, in the early years of my farm ownership. After lots of planning and adding to the collection, the border now extends the length of one side of my farm from my Summer House, past the stable and down to the Japanese maple grove. Over time, some have faded away and are being replaced with other varieties, while others continue to flourish. I’ve also planted daffodils in the garden beds outside my Tenant House, across from my chicken coops, near my main greenhouse, in patches through the woodland, and in various tree pits around my home, including those underneath the majestic allée of pin oaks - there, I planted a variety of Narcissi named after me, Narcissus ‘Martha Stewart.'

Enjoy these photos.