May 12, 2023

Creating a Large Vegetable Garden at My Farm

The episode of "Martha Gardens" showing the huge garden transformation at my Bedford, New York farm is now available on the Roku Channel!

You may have seen glimpses of my new vegetable garden on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48, or on Earlier this year, I decided to create a new vegetable garden closer to my Winter House in a large half-acre space previously used as paddock for my five donkeys. The first step was to draw up a very precise map showing the box frames measuring from 5' by 10' to 8' by 70'. We removed the sod from those areas, rototilled the soil, returned the sod pieces upside down, constructed the boxes out of white oak planks, fertilized each bed, and then filled them with nutrient rich soil. It took a few weeks to complete the project, but the end result is fantastic - and we've already planted so many delicious vegetables!

Here are some photos and be sure to watch "Martha Gardens" on the Roku Channel to see this garden come alive.