June 10, 2023

My Roses in Bloom

I love this time of year when I can walk through my flower gardens and see all the wonderful blooms. Everything looks so amazing this season, especially the roses.

As many of you know, I adore roses and have grown them for more than 25-years. Many of the rose cultivars growing at my Bedford, New York farm were transplanted from the gardens at Lily Pond, my former home in East Hampton. Here in Bedford, I have a large collection planted along both sides of my lilac allée and a newer rose bed planted behind my main greenhouse, but most of the roses are in the perennial flower cutting garden and they're thriving.

Here are some photos, enjoy. And remember to stream "Martha Gardens" - it's free on The Roku Channel. In my latest episode, I share lots of tips for planning and planting a beautiful garden of roses.