June 14, 2023

Planting European Hornbeam and Yew Trees in My Maze

The garden maze here at my Bedford, New York farm is transforming more and more with each row of plantings.

My three-acre living maze is located in a lush pasture just outside my Winter House. I started planting it one year ago with a variety of different hedges, espaliers, trees, and shrubs to add texture and interest. All of the specimens will grow tall enough to prevent walkers from seeing the paths ahead. So far, I've planted European beech, European hornbeams, boxwood, parrotias, espaliered apple trees, American sweetgums, barberry, and London planetrees. Most recently, I added more European hornbeams and a selection of yew trees, Taxus, a coniferous evergreen, related to pines, spruces, firs, cedars, and cypress. The trees are placed according to a very detailed map I designed specifically for this maze.

Enjoy these photos.