July 29, 2023

Planting Holly in My Maze

My garden maze continues to evolve with each row of interesting plantings. It now includes a section of holly, Ilex, an evergreen shrub with dense, glossy, foliage.

Earlier this month, the wholesale nursery, Monrovia, sent me a large assortment of beautiful plants including 21-holly shrubs. I knew these specimens would make excellent additions to my maze, located in a lush pasture just outside my Winter House. I instructed my head gardener, Ryan McCallister, where they should go, and he and Pete went right to work - measuring the space, marking the rows, removing the sod, planting the holly, and top dressing with mulch made right here at the farm. I started planting this course one year ago with a variety of different hedges, espaliers, and trees, and I am happy to report, we've completed about a third of the three-acre space and it looks great.

Here are some photos, enjoy.