July 21, 2023

Using Kubota Equipment Around the Farm

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, I always encourage my crew to "use the right tools for the right jobs." Among our favorites are the tractors and mowers from Kubota, a leading manufacturer of farming machinery, hay tools and spreaders, and other turf products.

If you follow my blog regularly, I am sure you've seen our Kubota equipment used all over the property - to mow the pastures and fields, pull the hay wagons and aerators, transport compost and mulch, and many, many other chores. I’ve been using Kubota products for years and love how easy they are to maneuver. These machines are dependable, efficient, and great additions to my working farm. #KubotaUSA #KubotaCanada #KubotaTractor #Loan #LandPrideDoesThat

Here are some photos, enjoy.