September 11, 2023

Adding Hydrangeas to My Perennial Border

Creating a perennial garden takes time, patience, and thoughtful planning. The perennial bed located across from my chicken coops is several years old and thriving - looking more and more beautiful every summer.

This garden, my perennial hydrangea border, had long been home to a selection of colorful hydrangeas including mature mopheads transplanted from my former Lily Pond home in East Hampton. In more recent years, I expanded it and filled it with lots of other plantings, such as irises, ligularia, phlox, Aruncus, Euonymus, catnip, and more. Last week, I added a few more hydrangeas to fill in bare spots, including Hydrangea 'Seaside Serenade Bar Harbor,' and Hydrangea 'Seaside Serenade Martha's Vineyard.' The plants are from Monrovia, one of our sources for quality perennials and shrubs.

Enjoy these photos.