September 23, 2023

Building a New Coop for My Growing Turkeys, Part I

The latest building project here at my Bedford, New York farm is nearly complete - a new coop now designated for 13 growing turkeys.

The poults were incubated and hatched in the feed room of my stable, where they remained until they were big enough to move outdoors. But turkeys grow fast, and I decided they needed more room and a bigger coop where they could live, roost, and nest more comfortably. My property manage, Doug White, is a very talented craftsman and carpenter. Along with the help of Pete Sherpa from my outdoor grounds crew, the two took on the task of building the structure in a separate fenced in area of the chicken yard. The coop is made from diseased ash trees that were taken down here at the farm and then cut into usable lumber with my portable sawmill. This project took several weeks to complete, but it looks great.

Enjoy these first photos of the building process.