October 6, 2023

Adding More Holly to My Living Maze

Many varieties of holly, Ilex, have compact habits and glistening, bright green foliage, that's excellent for hedges, borders, and yes, mazes.

As many of you know, I am in the process of planting a living maze in a lush pasture just outside my Winter House. I started planting this course one year ago with a variety of different hedges, espaliers, and trees. So far, there are European beech, European hornbeams, boxwood, parrotias, espaliered apple trees, American sweetgums, barberry, London planetrees, privets, holly, and yews. This week, more rows of sod were removed and three different types of holly were planted - Ilex crenata 'Chesapeake,' Ilex crenata 'Compacta,'and Ilex glabra 'Shamrock.' Every specimen is placed according to a very detailed map I designed specifically for this maze.

Here are some photos of my growing maze, enjoy.