October 18, 2023

Preparing Potted Tropical Plants for Storage

As cooler weather sets in, my outdoor grounds crew rushes to complete our long list of fall gardening tasks around my Bedford, New York farm.

This week, one of our main projects is to prepare all the tropical plants for winter storage, including all the specimens potted up in decorative planters. Every spring, I always display interesting plants on my terraces, in giant urns along the carriage road, and on the cobblestone courtyard in front of my stable. At the end of the warm season, these plants are removed from their pots, trimmed where necessary, and then repotted in plastic containers before they are put away in one of four greenhouses here on the property. It's quite an undertaking, but it's the best way to ensure my plants are ready for the cold months ahead.

Here are some photos and tips, enjoy.