November 7, 2023

Late Autumn Fruits Around the Farm

Here in Bedford, New York we're still enjoying the beautiful fall foliage despite some unseasonably mild weather. Following some overnight rain, today we're expecting temperatures in the mid- to high-60s Fahrenheit.

It's amazing how quickly plants and trees grow and change day to day. Starting in September, many of the trees in this area begin their autumn transformations - changing colors from bold green to various shades of red, yellow, and brown. Now in November, we see more bare branches, and in some cases, the late season fruits. Here at my farm, we see quince, persimmons, the berries on the Sargent crabapples, and those of the Cornus kousa, etc. While we've already picked and enjoyed the many apples, pears, and other autumn treats, these fruits continue to provide wildlife with sugar, protein, fat, and other crucial nutrients to sustain them through the season.

Here are some photos, enjoy.