February 17, 2024

My Super Sunday Weekend In Las Vegas

I look forward to Super Sunday weekend every year - and no matter where the Big Game is held, there’s always so much to do.

Every February, I try to attend the event with my good friend, Jane Heller. This year we traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada - the first time the NFL championship football game has ever been played in that state. My longtime publicist, Susan Magrino, and my makeup artist, Daisy Schwartzberg Toye, were part of our group. And as an early birthday gift, I also had my grandson, Truman, out there with me along with our friend, Ari Katz. We all enjoyed fun lunches, dinners, parties, and concerts. Among our many stops, we visited my restaurant, The Bedford by Martha Stewart. It was a very action-packed few days.

Here are some photos, enjoy.