May 30, 2024

Planting Hydrangeas

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, I have several allées of trees - they look so beautiful and dramatic along the carriage roads, between the horse paddocks, and beside the antique fencing.

In landscaping, an allée, or an avenue, is traditionally a straight path or road with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side. In most cases, the trees planted are the same species or cultivar, so as to give a uniform appearance along the full length of the allée. One allée is planted along the carriage road to the woodland. I started with a selection of London plane trees and then planted about 100 royal purple smoke bushes, Cotinus coggygria. Next, I added crepe myrtle, Lagerstroemia. This week, I decided to plant dozens of bright and colorful hydrangeas from the Endless Summer Collection by Bailey Nurseries.

Here are some photos, enjoy.