June 26, 2024

My Hydrangea Border

Are the hydrangeas blooming where you are? Here at the farm, my hydrangeas are putting on quite a show.

My hydrangea border is located down the carriage road from my tropical hoop houses and across from my chicken coops. It is home to a selection of colorful hydrangeas including mature mopheads transplanted from my former Lily Pond home in East Hampton. Over the years, I've added several more hydrangea varieties and other plantings, such as irises, ligularia, phlox, Aruncus, Euonymus, catnip, and more. And earlier this week, I added Hydrangea 'Twist-n-Shout' a reblooming lacecap variety of the Endless Summer series of bigleaf hydrangeas and Hydrangea 'Eclipse®,' a dark-leaved Bigleaf Hydrangea from First Editions.

Enjoy these photos.