July 5, 2024

Planting Fernspray Hinoki Cypress from Monrovia

Adding just one type of tree, bush, or plant can totally transform a space.

A couple of years ago, I planted a group of large Fernspray Hinoki cypress bushes along the carriage road just past my allée of lindens near the entrance to my Japanese Maple Woodland. They looked so beautiful, I decided to plant some more. Last year, I planted slightly smaller Fernspray Hinoki cypress bushes in between the lindens on both sides of the allée. And last week, I planted another selection of Fernspray Hinoki cypress specimens on the other side along the carriage road to my chicken coops. They all look so pretty with their delicate flattened fernlike fronds. I am looking forward to watching them mature and thrive.

Enjoy these photos.