October 23, 2021

Autumn Photos Around Skylands

One of the best times to visit the Northeast is during autumn when one can enjoy the glorious colors of the season.

Cheryl DuLong and Wendy Norling, who work up at Skylands, my home in Maine, love the outdoors and nature. They often keep me updated by sending photographs of the property and the surrounding areas. Here are some wonderful fall images captured while walking around Skylands.


October 22, 2021

Repotting Camellias

Fall preparations for all my potted plants continue around my Bedford, New York farm.

This time of year, my gardeners and all the members of my outdoor grounds crew are very busy - cleaning out the greenhouses, assembling long garden tables for smaller specimens, and repotting many of my precious plants, including some of my camellias. Camellias are highly prized for their exquisite blooms, splendid evergreen foliage, and compact habits. These shrubs blossom prodigiously for weeks, from late fall to mid-spring, showing off beautiful shades of white, cream, pink, and red.

Enjoy these photos.

October 21, 2021

Inside My "Little" Greenhouse

Here in Bedford, New York, temperatures are just beginning to fall, so lots of work is being done to prepare all my tropical plants for the cold season ahead.

Yesterday, my gardeners tackled the plants inside what we call my "little greenhouse" - located next to my main greenhouse and just outside my flower cutting garden. Like all my greenhouses, this structure is heated and the humidity levels are closely monitored and adjusted when necessary. Some of the plants in this space include my cymbidium orchids, myrtle topiaries, fishtail palms, and a walking iris.

Here are some photos, enjoy.