June 10, 2021

Planting My Summer House Terrace 2021

I love beautiful ornamental urns filled with lush, green plants.

As many of you may know, I have a rather sizable collection of tropical specimens at my Bedford, New York farm. During the winter, they’re all stored in a special greenhouse. And once warm weather arrives, they are brought out for display - many are placed in various locations here at Cantitoe Corners. This week, my crew filled several large planters with philodendrons and sago palms on the terrace behind my Summer House. All very easy to plant and maintain, these specimens will look wonderful all season long.

Enjoy these photos.

June 9, 2021

Visiting the Former Estate of Paul and Bunny Mellon in Upperville, Virginia

I always try to make the most of every business trip I take - visiting gardens and other interesting places that inform and inspire me.

Earlier this spring, during a brief visit to Northern Virginia for a garden club appearance, I stopped in Upperville, to tour the former estate of prominent philanthropists, Paul and Rachel "Bunny" Mellon. The 700 acre property includes the Main Residence, gardens, and the Oak Spring Garden Library - all maintained by the Oak Spring Garden Foundation. OSGF is a nonprofit organization created by Bunny and dedicated to sharing her gifts and ideas. Its main mission is to support and inspire fresh thinking and bold action on the history and future of plants, including the art and culture of plants, gardens and landscapes.

Enjoy these photos.

June 8, 2021

My Blooming Herbaceous Peonies 2021

Early June is such an exciting time here at my Bedford, New York farm. It is when my herbaceous peony garden is blooming with brilliant pinks and whites!

Every year, I’m always amazed by the dazzling display of these beautiful flowers - it’s one of the most anticipated sights - we all wait patiently for the floral show. I hope you've seen some of my photos on my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48. Friends and family love the peonies as much as I do and rush to see them in all their splendor. When I first planted this garden, I knew I wanted many, many peonies in one large area. I chose a location across from my Winter House, where there's lots of room and full sun - a spot where I could also see them from my window.

Enjoy these photos.