November 6, 2007

Miho Symposium and photos

Here we are at the Miho Symposium.  Sitting in the front row with me are Peter Arnell, Kevin Sharkey, and Todd Eberle.  Momoko is behind Todd.  The Miho is a most beautiful and extraordinary museum designed by the brilliant architect I.M. Pei.  One million people have visited the Miho in the last ten years.  This symposium addressed some of the most pressing issues of our world and environment.  It was fascinating and rather disturbing.


Mr. Oshima, our driver, is fantastic.  He knows Kyoto and environs intimately and offers white glove service.  Look for our Kyoto "Secret Sources" when I return.  MK Taxi service will be listed on it.

As one gets closer to the Miho Museum, the blue, white, and yellow signs begin to appear.


We stopped the car to look more closely at this new highway and bridge construction.  It’s so unusual to see such futuristic design elements in such a rural landscape.

The Miho boasts a most spectacular entryway conceived by I. M. Pei years ago and endorsed wholeheartedly by his patron client, the "goddess" Mrs. Koyama.


A curving tunnel and suspension bridge offer access through a mountain and over a valley.  It’s just beautiful!

Three Shumei volunteers in their two-tone green uniforms.

Todd and Peter hamming in front of the beautifully illuminated tunnel
P1000376 .

Approaching the mountaintop museum, one is struck with the serene beauty and calm of the place.  We were so lucky that the maple trees were dressed in their autumn finery.

The Miho Museum collection is full of extraordinary finds from the ancient world – gold and silver objects from Persia – statuary from ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylonia – antiquities from Japan, Korea, and China.  There’s also a new collection of unbelievably fine pre-Columbian objects among many others.  Even homely pottery and lacquer is featured for it beauty.




Mrs. Koyama's assistant escorting Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Pei into a private formal dinner.

Mrs. Koyama, daughter of the Shumei founder, and now director giving a speech to the gathered friends and colleagues.


I. M Pei describing the long process of the conception, design, and building of the museum.

Martha, Peter, and the family of the art dealer behind the Miho collection.

More views of the approach to the museum.

Cobblestones from ancient Kyoto streets.

Todd and Momoko under the Miho red umbrella.

The ancient cedar with views across the hills from the great entrance of the museum.

Peter Arnell and Martha at dinner in the Miho.