November 7, 2007

First frost at my farm

I thought you would like to look at these very nice photographs illustrating the coming of the first frost at my farm. I am on my way back from Japan soon, and I plan on showing you some more photographs of my experience on my show tomorrow.

Doesn't it look beautiful glistening on all the pastures and fences.

This is old Canadian white spruce fencing that I imported.  It surrounds all the paddocks where the horses and donkeys graze

I love early mornings at the farm.  The light is especially beautiful at that time of day.

I’ve been collecting faux bois objects for many years.  This is an old stanchion that I use to close off the driveway from traffic.

I designed this curvaceous pergola choosing granite uprights and shapely wooden tops.  Each upright is planted with clematis and wisteria standards delineate the ends of the walks.  The whole is under-planted with muscari and catnip.  It’s a very fragrant stroll in the spring

Francesca came along for the walk dressed in a T-shirt and cozy fleece.  She looks a little puzzled standing in the frosty grass.

Equally well dressed, Sharkey observes from the house.

Sharkey prefers the early morning golden light under an apple tree.