December 5, 2007

Jodi - my head gardener (and her gloves!)

Jodi Capobianco is a wonderfully talented gardener who has been working in my gardens for the past five years.  Jodi credits her family as to why she chose gardening as her profession.  Her mother and stepfather are real hands-on people who were always involved with some kind of domestic project.  Jodi was exposed to all sorts of undertakings, including remodeling and rebuilding.  But, what fascinated her the most was how involved her family was in the garden.  Jodi recalls grow lights set up in the basement with her stepfather growing impatiens and many other annuals from seed.  She loved helping plant the seedlings in the springtime and tending the garden throughout the summer.  Jodi really experience the happiness that gardening can bring and pursued work in garden centers and florist shops, eventually earning a degree in horticulture.

Jodi Capobianco, planting bulbs

Jodi started out as an intern at my home on Turkey Hill.  Today, at my Bedford property, she coordinates nine employees, including gardeners and grounds’ keepers.   And what does Jodi enjoy doing after a week of work at my property?  She simply loves driving home to Massachusetts and helping her parents in their garden and with other various projects that are going on.

It always makes me happy when I see that my employees are protecting their bodies - like Jodi in this photo.  Jodi bought these long gloves (below)  to shield her forearms when pruning roses.  They really do the trick.  They are so sturdy, yet flexible and she enjoys wearing them for many gardening chores.  Jodi found these gloves, on line, at  And she says they have other styles, as well.


Because I know how much Jodi enjoys her gloves, I gave her this pair that I found in Washington over Thanksgiving.  They are so warm and waterproof and very flexible.  In fact, they fit like a glove!!!