December 6, 2007

The Martha Stewart Orchid

Do you know what's blooming for me right now?  The Martha Stewart Orchid!

It's a real honor to have an orchid named after you, but that's just what happened a couple of years ago during the first season of my new television show.  Art Chadwick Sr. and his son Arthur of Chadwick & Son ( Orchids appeared on the show and presented me with a most spectacular Cattleya boasting large, beautiful blooms in pinks, magenta, and splashes of yellow.  The Cattleya is more commonly referred to as the corsage orchid.  This plant has been officially registered with the Royal Horticultural Society and it has been dubbed the botanical name Laeliocattleya Martha Stewart.  Art and son are famous for their orchid farm in Powhatan, VA.  Art Sr. has been growing orchids since 1945 and has had enormous success with hybridizing his plants, creating many exciting, new orchid varieties.  As you can imagine, my orchid has been well cared for in my greenhouse and my gardener, Jodi, recently brought it to the main house for me to enjoy, as it is blooming so nicely, once again.

A couple of years ago, I was thrilled at being presented with this most spectacular orchid named in my honor.  This event occurred on my television show.