January 23, 2008

Look at All the Gorgeous Eggs My Chickens Are Laying!

Returning from Germany a few days ago (I promise to blog about that very soon and show you some great pictures), I came home to find that my hens have been very productive!

I've been raising chickens for so many years and had really gotten use to having fresh eggs every day. But, with the move to Bedford and not having a coop to house any chickens, I was really missing those lovely eggs. Last spring, the new chicken coops were completed, and the adorable chicks were delivered from Murray McMurray Hatchery in Iowa. All summer and autumn, those chicks were feasting on a rich, organic diet, and finally, just before Christmas, the hens began to lay eggs! They were rather small at first, but as the hens grew each day, so did the eggs.

What's really exciting is that each day, we're collecting an average of 100 eggs! Of course, I can't possibly use them all, so I'm happy to take big bowls of these delicious, farm-fresh eggs to the television studio and to my offices and share them with my staff. These pictures are of a bowl of eggs that I brought in the other day. (I also wanted to put in a few pictures of the chickens and hens as an added bonus!) Perhaps this will inspire you to cook some eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today.