January 24, 2008

Trees in Winter

Many people think of deciduous trees (those that drop leaves or needles during autumn and winter months) as cold, barren, and uninteresting. I disagree. In fact, I rather enjoy studying their framework against the landscape. I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the trees on my property during their dormant period. These photos were taken yesterday. What a gorgeous day it was!

This is a small grove of Bald Cypress trees.


Here is a grouping of weeping willows:


You can see how they glow, in January, in the landscape:


This is an American beech. Beech trees love to retain their leaves even during the coldest months. As they mature, their leaves will drop more.


A weeping copper beech -- kind of eerie:


My allee of linden trees. These are thin-skinned trees, and their trunks have been wrapped to protect them from frost and sunburn.


This is a weeping cherry. You can really see why it's called "weeping":


This row of trees was here on the property when I bought it. They are rather ancient apple trees that we have been reviving after many years of neglect. They look great, don't they?