January 25, 2008

Meet my Foreman Chhiring Sherpa


Chhiring is the foreman at my property in Bedford and he happens to be a sherpa from Nepal.  In Nepal, sherpas are the porters or guides who are recruited for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas.  They are highly respected mountaineers, known for their physical strength and endurance and for their resilience to high altitude conditions.  Chhiring’s hometown is Solukhumbu, which is close to Mt. Everest.  He told me that he has climbed many mountains, but not Mt. Everest – not yet, anyway.  Chhiring came to this country several years ago because he wanted to travel and see another part of the world.  Through word of mouth, he came to work for me and like a true Sherpa, Chhiring works hard and does his job very well.  Although he is happy living in this country, he does miss family and friends and travels back to Nepal every year.  And he is happy to share some photos with us.    

This is Chhiring on a recent visit to Nepal dressed in traditional Nepalese garb

This is a view of his hometown

Chhiring and his kids (left) Ang Kandu Sherpa (right) MingMar D Sherpa

Some of the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayan mountains surrounding his home.