January 3, 2008

Pearls of Saint Barthelemy

These ladies took conservative pearls and restrung them on thin leather cords. All The rage in Saint Barthelemy:


(From left) Daughter Marie, Mother Maryvonne, Granddaughter Jessica

Unique combinations: pearls and leather, sea glass, shells, pearls -- all very beautifully conceived and executed.
I collect pieces, as does Inge Fontaine, my stylist, my daughter Alexis. Everyone looks great with a single pearl or many ropes. The pearls holes have to be drilled larger than they do for a conventional
necklace, because the thongs are thicker the knots used are sailors
knots, similar to macrame.

The shop is called Maryvonne & Gerard. Bijoux de la Mer

Rue de la Republique
Gustavia 97133
Saint Barthelemy
Telephone: 0590-52-37-68