February 29, 2008

Compost Tea, how refreshing!

When was the last time you gave your plants a refreshing drink of compost tea?  It may sound like a strange notion but feeding your plants with compost tea is a wonderful way of providing wholesome and organic nourishment.  Once a month, using our own compost, my gardeners mix up a batch and feed all the plants in the greenhouse.  However, if they feel the plants are particularly stressed, they will administer the tea every two weeks.  We purchased this wonderful little 10-gallon compost brewer from Growing Solutions, Inc.  http://www.growingsolutions.com


Here’s Jodi filling the tank with tap water

This is the Compost Tea Catalyst, which stimulates important microbial growth in the tea.

The bubble action helps to release damaging chlorine from the water and incorporates beneficial oxygen.

Jodi filling the screen bucket with dark, rich compost

Submerging the screened bucket into the water where it will bubble and brew for 24 hours

Here’s Jodi the next day, filtering the compost tea into a pump sprayer


Jodi sprays the foliage with the tea for quick absorption.  It also helps the plant fend off diseases.

Jodi also gives the roots a good drink, which nourishes and helps alleviate diseases of the soil.