February 28, 2008

New from our Macy's line, and a behind the scenes look at our craft department

This amazing space at Starrett Lehigh is called the clerestory and it is so functional for meetings, banquets, and for display
purposes.  Right now we are showing our latest Macy’s Martha Stewart
Collection of Fall 2008.  We are introducing new colors for products
that have proven popular and some new styles that we’re sure our
customers will love.  I’m so happy seeing everything laid out like
this.  It’s so colorful and crisp._o7j2121_5

Here are some new additions to our bath towel line.  With so many gorgeous
colors to choose from, I can never decide which is my favorite.



Our extensive kitchenware line


My craft department is comprised of amazingly creative and talented
thinkers.  There is always so much activity taking place there.  Here
are some of the crafts people involved in a weekly product review
session.  They’ve been talking about rubber stamps, inkpad colors, as
well as marker pen colors.  I sometimes wish I had their job.

Here is a holiday inspiration wall.  Seeing such a visual really sparks the creative brain.