February 5, 2008

My Super Bowl Adventure!

Last Saturday, I traveled with seven
friends from Bank of America to Phoenix to see the Super Bowl. We checked in at the Marriott Resort Hotel,
which has something like 930 rooms and gyms that are open 24 hours a day. After settling in and changing attire, we
went to a few cocktail parties and had a pleasant dinner out.

On Sunday, we ate a most
wonderful lunch at award-winning Pizzeria Bianco, located in Heritage Square
Park. This restaurant offers some of the
best food in Phoenix, and chef Chris Bianco cooked us an amazing meal.

Later, we made our way to the
stadium where we found orderly chaos. We
bumped into several friends from the New York area as well as from
California. Our seats were in the
Patriots section, even though I am a Giants fan. They were at the 50-yard line, fifth 
row up. I certainly cannot complain, as
we could see most of the action of a very exciting game.

Halftime is a very different experience
than what you see on television. The
spectacle is quickly set up and quickly taken down. I feel the show is better seen on TV, as it is
so far away in the stadium. There were
no big screens on which to watch. I also
missed seeing the commercials, although I have been told they weren’t too
remarkable. We were on the edge of our
seats for the entire last quarter, and I was so thrilled to see my favorite team
win. That night, we ate at Barrio Cafe,
which is noted for their very authentic Mexican cuisine.

On Monday morning, we boarded our
jet and flew home just in time for me to attend many meetings with my magazine
and television staff, as well as with MSLO executives.