February 14, 2008

Paw Paw's Yarn

On today’s television program, I will show a very special skein of yarn. It’s special because it was spun from Paw Paw’s fur! Victoria Pettigrew runs a business called VIP Fibers www.vipfibers.com located in Morgan Hill, CA. Victoria started spinning wool because she just hated the idea of throwing away the fluffy hair that came from her own chow chows after brushing and grooming. So instead, she kept storing it away and explained to her questioning husband that she wanted to spin it into soft yarn and knit something as a keepsake. He went right out and bought her a spinning wheel. Victoria became totally hooked on spinning and that’s how her business was born. And VIP Fibers would be very happy to spin yarn collected from the fur of your beloved pet.

The big question now is what special keepsake shall I knit from Paw Paw’s lovely yarn? Any suggestions?

This is Paw Paw yesterday after his grooming, doesn't he look great!


Paw Paw's Hair collected from brushing and the groomer

Here is the step by step process as taken from VIPfibers.com

1.    Collect your pet hair
How to Collect Fur
2.    Complete our on-line Work Order Request Form Work Order Request Form

3.   Send your pet hair to VIP Fibers  Shipping to VIP Fibers
4.    When VIP Fibers receives your fur we:

         4.1   Weigh raw fiber
         4.2   Assess the fiber
         4.3   Assign a Fiber #
         4.5   Log it in our system
         4.6   Each Fiber goes into it's own labeled box

         4.6   Prepare a Work Order Form
         4.7   Scan the photo of your pet
         4.8   Post your invoice on our website
         4.9   Mail you a copy of the Work Order
         4.10 Email you a copy of the Work Order

5.     Upon receipt of payment in full, fiber is assigned a Lot # and goes in queue for 
6.     Fiber is carded in preparation of spinning

7.  Fiber is spun & plied into yarn

8.   Each skein is measured and weighed, data is entered into computer
.   Yarn is the put through our washing process.            

        9.1   Washing
         9.2   De-Enzyming Odor & Allergies
         9.3   Conditioned

.   Yarn is hung to dry and set the twist in our special drying room

11. Yarn is then re-skeined or ball wound and custom labels (with your pet's photo) are

12. If a custom keepsake is ordered, the yarn then goes into queue for creation.

13. Yarn or keepsake is packaged for shipment
14. A shipping notice is emailed to you with the tracking number. Shipping