March 6, 2008

My fabric collection and how I organized it

I’ve been collecting decorative fabrics for many years. I often find lovely textiles rolled up on tubes at tag sales and rummage shops. I like to use these fabrics for various upholstery projects, pillow and bed covers, and tablecloths and napkins. When I went to find a particular Fortuny fabric recently, I realized that my fabric collection was in disarray. We’ve organized so many things after moving my belongings from Turkey Hill to Bedford, and it was now time to focus on my 200-plus rolls of fabric.

This is what my fabric collection looked like –- a jumbled mess!

We brought out my large roll of acid-free archival craft paper and protected the tabletop with a heavy terry towel.

This is Laura Acuna, my housekeeper of many years. She knows exactly where to find everything in my home. Each roll of fabric was first covered with craft paper.

Kate then rolled the fabric in a sheet of clear cellophane. Notice that the end of the fabric was left exposed for easy identification.

The ends of the cellophane were secured with clear packing tape.

A sample of each fabric was stapled to a tag and then secured to the fabric bundle with string and tape.

As you can see, the finished product is certainly a whole lot neater. The fabrics are now nicely stacked on shelves and the cellophane makes it very easy to slide the rolls in and out. Another good and practical
organizing tip!