March 21, 2008

Our 500th Episode behind the scenes

I was so pleased on Thursday morning when we taped my television
show because we were celebrating the anniversary of our 500th episode!
Our friend, Conan O’Brien appeared and was his usual hilarious self.
He was so much fun.  Then, we were honored with a very special surprise
guest – none other than President Clinton!  This was President
Clinton’s second appearance on the show and he filled us in with the
wonderful progress that is being made with his Clinton Global
Initiative, an amazing organization that encourages people to give in
various ways to help better the world.  You can learn more about it and
find out how you can give at  It’s always so inspiring to be in President Clinton’s company.

Here’s another peek at behind the scenes.      

This fabulous ice sculpture was carved for the occasion by Okamoto Studio in Brooklyn, NY.


Here I am with Conan backstage, before his silliness on the show.

Conan enjoying a cappuccino in his dressing room._o7j5047

Producer Peter Killeen anxiously standing by for President Clinton's arrival

President Clinton in the house being briefed for his appearance. What a wonderful, seasonal tie!

Eva Scrivo doing a little touch up.

President Clinton standing by for his big entrance watching me on the monitor as I introduce him.

Lights, camera, action

President Clinton Presented me with this beautiful basket made by
Rwandan women who survived the genocide in that nation. It symbolizes

Sienna Tedesco - the lucky daughter of my trainer, Mary Tedesco.

Here's another peek at the control room with Conan on set.

Bill Herlihy - VP of Production, Lynn Goodwin - Facility Director, and Calia Vandyk - Studio Manager sharing a moment.

Geoff Rosen - a happy producer


Noel Rosselli and Producer Karen Kinney write out many, many cue cards.

This is Joey Meade, our long-time stage manager. He looks so dapper in his tuxedo!


Some of my very stylish style crew - Vinnetta, Nicole, and Deb.

A celebratory toast to my amazing crew.