May 30, 2008

Come see what happened when I went boating this past weekend!

This past Memorial Day weekend, I traveled with some friends to my house in Seal Harbor, Maine. One of the highlights of being in that beautiful corner of the world is to spend a little time on the water. We went for a rather chilly cruise aboard my Hinckley Picnic boat – Skylands II. While off the coast of Mount Desert Island, we were paid a surprise visit from the US Coat Guard! Come see my photos.

Here we are being approached by the U.S. Coast Guard, who asked us to
prepare for an inspection-boarding. The sea was a bit rough and they
granted us permission to motor into Seal Harbor for the procedure.

Kevin was all wrapped up and napping soundly when the Coast Guard stopped us.

The Coast Guard has many boats like these patrolling the coastal waters - I always feel very safe when I see one of these very fast, well-equipped vessels.

The Coast Guard circling Skylands II, as I prepare to restart and move into the calmer waters of the


My 'Captain' Bryan Dow, talking to the officers.

Strong, handsome, and friendly - they were doing their job, inspecting pleasure craft, as well as fishing and commercial vessels for appropriate safety equipment and licenses.

Francesca could not figure out what was going on - I think she wanted to make sure she had her life jacket aboard - we always keep the halters and leashes on the dogs, just in case.

As we pulled up to one side of dock, the Coast Guard vessel pulled up on the other.


here they come


Bryan is also my property manager in Maine and is a retired coast guard officer himself.

This was our first day out in the boat this season and fortunately, I had carefully checked the safety equipment - the life jackets, the life preserver, the survival suits, and flares before we took off that afternoon -  Bryan had done an excellent job of readying the boat for the summer's outings.

Brian is discussing the EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon - with one of the officers.  If needed, this location device uses satellite signals so that rescuers can find you.

My friend, Charles Simonyi, smiling during the boarding process - he has a boat, also, and understands the necessity of proper safety equipment, drills, and procedures.

The inspection was successful - we were not in violation and we passed muster.  As owner, I had to sign an electronic form.


Brian discussing more details


Notice that Francesca has watched the entire procedure with great interest - luckily, she didn't bark.

The Coast Guard left us in good humor and said it would be okay to post the experience on my blog.