May 5, 2008

Lovely Muscari In My Garden

In my opinion, springtime just doesn’t last long enough.  I wish we could stretch this season of renewal a few more weeks, at least, so we can further appreciate all the magnificent, fragrant, and colorful blooms that spring has to offer.  In comparison to the splendor of stately tulips and waxy, intoxicating hyacinth blooms, muscari, more commonly known as grape hyacinth, are rather diminutive.  However, their place in the spring garden is quite pronounced.  These lovely gifts of spring are so named because their clusters of tiny flowers resemble little bunches of grapes.  Grape hyacinths are very winter hardy and spread rapidly by division and self-seeding.  They are beautiful in the front of borders, planted in rock gardens, and they even like growing under trees.  Order your bulbs now for planting this autumn.

Here is a beautiful ‘sea’ of grape hyacinths.  They have such a lovely fragrance.

This is where they are growing so well, under some apple trees.

This variety, known as ‘White Magic’ is planted way back in the woods at a little house that I call the ‘Folly.’  I’ll tell you more about it later on.

Look at this errant purple muscari feeling quite at home in a swath of white.

This is a dark purple variety planted last autumn.  I can’t wait to see how it fills in next year.

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