May 21, 2008

Martyn gets his game on with equine Game Ready. An amazing therapy for equines and humans, too!

Last March, I told you about Martyn, one of my majestic Friesian horses, and how he has been suffering from an inflamed rear hock. I have received many inquiries from concerned bloggers about his condition, so I thought I would give you an update regarding his condition.  After a recent visit from my veterinarian, Elizabeth Kilgallon, Betsy, my stable manager, was told of a machine that might help speed Martyn’s healing process along.  It’s called the Game Ready Equine system.   As you’ll see from the photos, this therapeutic machine utilizes an accelerated recovery system of dry/cold temperature with intermittent compression.    Betsy tells me that after a few weeks of treatment, Martyn’s condition is improving! – the hock is softening and there is better range of motion.  Jamie Miles, of Game Ready, stopped by to see how Martyn is doing, and he was quite pleased.  Oh, and by the way, there is also a human version of this wonderful healing device called the Game Ready. Jamie tells me that all the major league teams and individual players have, and regularly use, these Game Ready Systems to help keep their joints moving well.   

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Here is Jamie Miles, the regional sales rep of Game Ready, standing with sweet Martyn.

This is what the Game Ready Equine system looks like.  You see, it’s really quite compact.

Ice is placed into a chamber.

Water passes through the ice and into a hose.

These are the regulating buttons.

Jamie is inspecting Martyn’s compromised hock.

Here’s the hock wrapped within a sleeve, which is attached to the unit.  The sleeve is circulated with cold, while intermittent compression is delivered from the machine.

Martyn doesn’t seem to mind his treatment one bit.