May 9, 2008

My helicopter ride over the farm - view my photos and make a comment please!

Last weekend, despite inclement skies, I went for an exciting helicopter ride aboard Charles’s chopper, piloted by Bill Lavallee.  Bill is wonderful to fly with and is always ready to share many terrific stories.  The destination that day was to fly right over my farm.  Someday soon, I will show you photos of what that parcel of land looked like when I bought it.  I cannot believe how much it has changed over a short period of time!  Enjoy these photos as I certainly enjoyed the point of view.

This is our approach to my property.  The stables are what you see in the center.

We’re coming around to the front of the property at Maple Avenue.  This is a good shot of the greenhouses, vegetable garden, equipment barn, and hay barn.

Look how spectacular the vegetable garden is.  This is the best year yet.

We’ve circled around to the entrance of the property.  I didn’t realize how nearby the Cross River Reservoir actually is.  We don’t usually see it because the land is on a gradual slope down to it.

The ‘Summer House’ is on the left at the corners of Maple Avenue and Girdle Ridge – Look closely - you can see the boxwood garden in the corner.  My main residence, the ‘Winter House,’ is in the center foreground of the photo.   The peony bed is beyond and between the 2 buildings and the curved structure on the right is the pergola.  The 4 little buildings in the rear are the chicken and turkey coops.

Another shot of the stables facing Girdle Ridge.

More of the fields with carriage roads encircling them.

This is one of the ‘backbones’ of the property – the composting area – I just love this place.  All the different mounds are at various stages of decay.  This is a big reason why the gardens are flourishing this year.  Composting takes time, as do gardens.