May 7, 2008

What shall I name my new Hereford cattle? Vote today!

My friends and neighbors, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, keep quite a menagerie of animals on their property.  They asked me recently, if I would be interested in taking in their rather adorable pair of miniature Herefords for the summer.  Since they eat grass, which I happen to have an abundance of, I decided to give 'cow-sitting' a try. You may be wondering what exactly is a miniature Hereford?  Well, they look just like a regular sized Hereford, but about half as big.  This small-sized bovine is a rather rare breed.  The general thinking about most cattle is that bigger is best.  However, because of their smaller size, miniature Herefords are much easier to care for than larger cattle.  They require less living space and consume far less food. And, like my miniature donkeys, these 'mini cows' make great backyard pets.  This pair is about 5 years old and we’re all hoping for a little calf one of these days.  Now we just have to come up with appropriate names for the cute couple.  What do you think of these choices? By the way,  Lily and Carlos both work for me at my house in Bedford. Jen and Ben are a famous Hollywood couple (they named their dog after me!)


Here I am peeking at the new delivery.

Jason, the Steinhardt's property manager, is observing how the cows are doing.


Look how cute and hesitant they are!


Rufus, Clive, and Billie are coming to greet their new paddock friends. _o7j2159

Here are the miniature Herefords - I hope they feel at home in their new field. _o7j2161