June 19, 2008

Detroit in 24 Hours Part One

In addition to all of my
other traveling about, a few colleagues and I, recently spent 24 hours in
Detroit, MI, long considered the Motor Capital of the World. The reason for our journey was to meet with
the ‘Big Three’ – General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. It was very interesting
sharing thoughts and ideas with executives from these corporations. While there, we also visited our new
affiliate station, Fox 2, where, I’m quite pleased to say, my show will be
aired this fall at 10 AM. As usual, I
took plenty of photos. And please return
to my blog tomorrow to see more pictures of my visit to the lovely and stately
homes of Henry and Edsel Ford. They’re
really quite magnificent.


Entering the Fox 2 Studios

Here I am being interviewed by co-anchor of FOX 2 News in Detroit, Sherry Margolis.  Sherry was lively, pretty, and well-informed!

I am standing in their kitchen, with a Fox producer and my executive producer, Bernie Young.

The Renaissance Center is the home of General Motors in Detroit, on the
shores of the Detroit River, which separates Detroit from Canada, this
spectacular glass structure is an architectural wonder.

looking out from the lobby of the renaissance center across the river to Canada and the gambling casinos

There are always cars on display in the lobby.

The elevator to the restaurant on top of the building is glass, with amazing views to the north and south and across to Canada.

There are many wonderful stadiums in Detroit.  That evening was one of the playoff games in the Stanley Cup competition - the Redwings lost that night but ultimately clinched the title two days later.

looking north up the river

The Red Wings stadium on the river - that night teeming with avid fans.

another great stadium

another stadium

another stadium - There are the Lions, the Red Wings, and the Tigers.

Our dinner was in a lovely, top of the building restaurant, the Coach Insignia.

Wenda Millard - our new company CEO and Sally Preston - publisher of Martha Stewart Living

Mary Meyers, one of the most important women in the automotive advertising world and Kim Kosak, Director Chevrolet Ad & Sales Promotion (GM Corp)

Here I am with Jacki Kelley, our EVP of Media Sales at Martha Stewart Living.  _o7j0834

Another of Detroit's important advertising executives, General Motors Brian Elwarner, SVP, Managing Director, GM Planworks - who knew he was a extreme barbecue expert and grill maven?? _o7j0835

Caesar's Palace - right across the river in Canada, attracts a lot of gamblers, or gamers, as they are called.

The following morning, I was scheduled to be interviewed in front of a large audience of business women at the Chrysler LLC headquarters - on the left is Deborah Meyer, who was a great interviewer, and Susan Thomson, Director of Media, Chrysler LLC.

We had a great time answering questions and telling a bit about brand building and the business of MSLO.

Deborah Meyer, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler LLC and me

Nancy Rae, Sr. VP of Human Resources & Corporate Communications, Chrysler LLC and me

Andrea Sagowitz, Executive Assistant at Chrysler and me

Susan Thomson, Director of Media, Chrysler LLC and me. Img_1133

Susan Thomson (Chrysler), Sally Preston (MSLO), Wenda Millard (MSLO), me, Jackie Kelley (MSLO) and Mary Meyers (MSLO) in Green Room

Deborah Meyers and me.  We're concluding the Q & A at the Chrysler Womens' 'Rise and Shine' Forum.

Make-up artist, Mary Curran and my assistant, Liesl Menning exploring Chrysler's employee gift shop.

Chrysler LLC Headquarters, capacity to hold 15,000 employees - 2nd largest office space after the Pentagon. It houses 2 barber shops, 3 cafeterias,  a Fitness/gym center, to name a few...

Looks like we're in Egypt - but we're really in Detroit!

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