June 18, 2008

Step into my sunken garden

Outside my kitchen door, on the front side of my house, is a courtyard that I call the sunken garden, thusly named because of an area that you step down into.  The sunken garden receives sunlight most of the day and it’s a really great spot to grow heat-loving plants.  When it’s warm enough in the spring, the gardeners move these specimens out of the greenhouse, where they survive the winter, as they are native to tropical and subtropical climates.

Welcome to my sunken garden.

This is a cycad.  Often confused with palms or ferns, cycads are related to neither.

The cycads are under-planted with colorful oxalis. 

A colorful aloe – There are hundreds of species of this succulent, known for its medicinal effects.

Agave Celsii – Agaves are thought to be cacti, but they are not related.  They have thick and fleshy leaves, usually ending in a sharp needle-like point.

Another agave – this one sends off hair-like fibers.

This is an aloe Zebra

A lovely sedum in the succulent family. 

Francesa is posing at the base of a giant agave.  Did you know that tequila is distilled from the sap of the blue agave?

The underside of this agave has a beautiful ‘embossed’ pattern.

another agave

and another agave

A cement snail adorns a trough of succulent hens and chicks.

a close-up of hens and chicks

These are Bismarckia palms, native to Madagascar.  Their fronds can get up to 10 feet in diameter.

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