June 17, 2008

The cole crops in my vegetable garden, some photos from yesterday

The vegetable garden is growing beautifully at the farm and I thought you might like to see a corner of the patch where the cole crops, have been planted.  ‘Cole’ refers to any of the various plants belonging to the Cruciferae family.  There is much variety and we’ve already begun to harvest some of these amazingly healthful vegetables.

Cruciferous is the scientific name given to a group of vegetables
including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, kale, collard
greens, broccoli rabe, and brussels sprouts.  Research has shown that
by eating a lot of these vegetables you may significantly reduce your
risk of various types of cancers.  Named for the cross-shaped flowers
they bear, crucifers contain a wide variety of disease-fighting
antioxidants and phytochemicals – including carotenoids, vitamin C, and
indoles, which scientists believe may stave off the growth of cancerous
cells in the stomach, colon, and lungs.  Dark collard greens, kale, and
turnip greens are packed with calcium as well; and brussels sprouts are
filled with iron.  In addition, all crucifers are excellent sources of
complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

With all of their wonderful nutritional benefits, doesn’t it make sense
to incorporate more crucifers into your diet?  Health experts recommend
consuming at least three servings of these vegetables each week.
Crucifers are very easy to steam, sauté, or roast – all methods that
preserve their vibrant flavor and color.  Boiling them can be a bit
tricky.  Cooked too long, crucifers emit an unpleasant sulfurous odor,
and they also lose many valuable nutrients.

The following photos were taken using my Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Kohlibri kohlrabi

a beautiful head of Tendersweet cabbage

a red cabbage called Super Red 80

purple Graffiti cauliflower

broccoli Calabrese

yellow Cheddar cauliflower

a head of Arrowhead cabbage

a fluffy Snow Crown cauliflower

Gonzales cabbage

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