June 21, 2008

Storm over New York City

Last Monday, I was in Manhattan visiting the John Barrett Salon located in Bergdorf Goodman, the world-renowned luxury goods department store on Fifth Avenue at 58th Street.  The view outside the window, overlooking Central Park, changed rapidly as some very violent weather rolled in.  Of course, I got my camera out and took some pictures.  Come and take a look. 

This is New York City on June 16th at 6 PM. Looks like the end of the
world with a vicious electrical rainstorm arriving. This view is from
the John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman.

Here's the encroaching storm with a very menacing sky.

This is the lovely and newly renovated Plaza Hotel, which is now a hotel and condominium.

Here I'm riding down Fifth Avenue, southbound - the sky overhead looked like this.

And this

And this

That's the Empire State Building's spire in the distance.  The sky to the south was less threatening, but the
storm lashed rain all over Manhattan.

The New York skyline is starting to look like the most modern of cities - kind of like Shanghai?

Some more modern spires in the Times Square area.