July 29, 2008

Behind the scenes in the Everyday Food test kitchen

One area that’s always fun to visit at my 42nd Street offices is the very lovely test kitchen of Everyday Food. This space is usually bustling with activity and with all the wonderful aromas emanating from this room, this is not a place to go to when hungry.  The test kitchen is where Food Editor, Sandra Gluck and her staff, work on developing recipes.  Once they’re confident that a recipe is a delicious and good one, they concentrate on cross testing  - to make certain that it really works without a hitch.  This is also the kitchen where all the great recipes published in our magazine, Body + Soul, are developed and tested.  Don't forget to check out Dinner Tonight, a fabulous blog from the editors of Everyday Food.

The test kitchen staff – Charlyne Mattox, Senior Associate Food Editor
– Kristen Evans, Senior Food Editor – Susan Streit, Assistant Food
Editor – Sandra Gluck, Food Editor – Emma Feigenbaum, Associate Food
Editor – Kirk Hunter, Assistant Food Editor – missing is Caroline
Wright, Associate Food Editor. Again, please don't forget to look at the Dinner Tonight blog!

A wonderful place to work with lots of windows.

This is an easy kitchen to work in – plenty of work surfaces, lots of burners and ovens, and a large sink area.

Of course, there is a very sizable cookbook library used for reference and inspiration.

This is the office area where Charlyne is busy at work.

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