July 30, 2008

The customer relations department behind the scenes!

Tucked away in a quiet area of the 42nd Street offices is the ever-so-important Customer Relations Department.  Head by Suzie Wall, a 13-year veteran at MSLO, she and her team work hard answering every single question and piece of correspondence that comes their way.  They maintain an extensive resource library and have access to very comprehensive databases, which cover all the different departments at MSLO.  They keep track of every letter received and certainly know the importance of a happy customer.

This is the entire Customer Relations Department – Kristen Wendling, Kim Dumer, Suzie Wall, and Courtney Kern.

Just a piece of their resource library, including every back-issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Courtney answers an amusing customer email.


Kristen is busy researching a database for a customer’s question.

This is a very interesting chart that Suzie prepared for a recent
presentation.  It shows how many inquiries have been received
throughout the years and by what means.  Look how many emails came this
year compared to previous years!  And stamped letters and phone calls
have certainly dropped.  Suzie tells me that I have influenced many
people to become computer savvy, who probably never would have.

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