July 31, 2008

Let's hop on the MSLO shuttle bus!

Because MSLO has offices in two separate buildings in Manhattan, there’s a lot of running back and forth between the two locations for things such as company meetings and mail deliveries.  To save on transportation costs, we have our own shuttle service, which runs hourly.  This same shuttle also accommodates employees with their transportation to and from Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and The Port Authority during the morning and evening commuting hours.

Here’s the shuttle arriving from The Starrett Lehigh building,
approaching the 42nd Street offices.  The massive structure in the
background with the beautiful arched windows is the amazing Grand
Central Station.  Obviously, employees who work at 42nd Street can
easily walk there, however, it’s quite a hike from Starrett Lehigh.

These are our drivers.  Rafiq Nelson, the afternoon driver, is
relieving Lincoln Patterson.  Lincoln is holding a packet of
interoffice mail.

The van always seems to fill up.

Here are some of our summer interns – Carter, Kim, Maura, Samantha, Joyce and Zoe.– they all seem very happy.

Speaking of interns.... what a great group!



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