August 3, 2008

Computer problems? Help desk to the rescue!

UPDATE: I have been doing some traveling, get ready for some great photos this week!

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is a company made up of several hundred employees, with nearly everyone using computers and other electronic devices.  In fact, it’s estimated that there are about 1,000 computers issued.  With so much technology in use, one can imagine that there are all kinds of problems that our IT (Information Technology) Department faces on any given day – I’m told that our help desk receives about 100 requests for help daily.  IT is comprised of about 50 extremely techie employees, each helping to keep things running smoothly.  The Help Desk is motivated to guide employees in becoming self-sufficient and they do a great job of solving many problems over the phone.  If the fix is more complicated, they are able view the situation remotely from their own computers to assess what further steps need to be taken.  I have always admired the patience required in understanding and mending technological issues.  Thank you desktop support services!

This is Angus Chen, who handles Executive Support.  Angus came on board as a consultant 8 years ago before becoming a full-time employee.  Because of so much equipment, these offices get quite warm and fans are required to cool things down.

This is a supply of Blackberry devices – many employees, who frequently
travel to other locations, need them for email use in order to
communicate with fellow co-workers – it’s much more discrete than
talking on cell phones.

shelves and shelves of computer supplies   

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