August 5, 2008

Harvesting garlic in my garden recently

Some of you may recall a blog I posted last November about planting garlic at my farm.  Well, here we are, several months later, and the bountiful garlic has been very successfully harvested.  As stated previously, we’re in the habit of saving about ¼ of the entire garlic yield to use as stock for planting next fall.  This stock is made up of the largest and most perfect garlic heads.  The gardeners hang those particular bundles of garlic in the greenhouse where they have good air circulation for drying.  The rest of the crop is enjoyed in many wonderful recipes.

Here's a bed of Georgian Crystal garlic ready to be harvested.  It's
very important to wait until the foliage is good and brown.  This
indicates a mature head that will dry and store well.

Here is Erika.  Now, instead of planting cloves of garlic, she's
harvesting entire heads!  A garden fork works well for this job.  Love
those pink Crocs!

She's very happy with what she has unearthed.

Look at these gorgeous heads of hardneck garlic!

Georgian Crystal is a hardneck variety that has a deep and garlicky flavor and aroma.  It's great to cook with.

This is the newly harvested garlic nicely hung in the greenhouse.  It's
watched carefully as it cures so that it can be separated and
successfully planted next autumn.

This is the rest of the harvest, which is stored on these wire racks in
the flower arranging room and ready for use in the kitchen.  I can't

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