July 10, 2008

Come see how I groom my dogs

Update: Many of you have been asking where to obtain Traumeel ointment. You can find a list of local  suppliers at Heelusa.com. Or you can search online, many online retailers carry the ointment.

When it comes to my pets, I believe that cleanliness is certainly a virtue. I make a point of bathing them frequently and keeping them well groomed. It's really important to inspect a pet from top to bottom, looking for ticks and any other maladies. Pets may not like such close attention at first, but if you are persistent they will get used to it and come to expect it. Francesca and Sharkey have a daily regimen, which they now seem to rather enjoy. Take a look.

A nervous Francesca, waiting to be cleaned and groomed.

We use this homeopathic ointment for many things -- it's a wonderful
remedy. On Francesca, it soothes the deep crevices on either side of
her nose.

First, I wipe the dog's face gently with a damp, warm rag

Using another damp rag, I wipe the feet, not forgetting to go between the toes.

Look how dirty this paw was after the early morning squirrel run!

Francesca is very well behaved. Actually, all of my animals have come to expect and love their daily grooming.

These deep facial wrinkles are not a characteristic of every Frenchie.

I am gently wiping around the eyes and ears.

I clean around the mouth and even inside, also checking the teeth.
And I always inspect for deer ticks, which are
pervasive in our neighborhood!

I apply the Traumeel ointment carefully with a fat cotton swab.

The Traumeel must taste pretty good.

A closeup view of the convoluted moonlike surface of Francesca's adorable face.

Sharkey is much more cooperative when being groomed.

Unlike Francesca, she does not have deep wrinkles

But her paws were equally dirty.

Of course, always check and clean the other end, too!

Here, I'm checking her ears for ticks and any other problems. I
thought the hair was a little thin from too much doggie licking, so I
applied a tiny bit of Traumeel to the affected areas.

Sharkey looks quite relaxed; she just loves her cleaning.

Dabbing on the Traumeel.

Nail clipping is not easy. The dogs are a bit apprehensive -- as am I.

Always use a special dog nail clipper. They come in different sizes,
and be careful to snip only the very tips and never into the quick. That
really hurts the animal -- there will be bleeding and the nail can
become infected.

Francesca's nails are black and very well groomed.

I decided they didn't need a trimming.

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